Jailbirds (2011)


All is not what it seems when Lucy and Dane conspire a breakout from their mythical island cells. A mix of 16mm, digital and 2D animation, Jailbirds is a figurative tale about hope, imagination and the human need for togetherness. Can love set them free?

Festivals & Awards

  • TropFest

  • Australian Cinematographers Society Award (Bronze)

  • POW Fest – Portland, Oregon

  • St Kilda Film Festival

  • Dungog Film Festival


Written & Directed by Rachael Turk
Produced by Diana Ward

Lucy Yael Stone
Dane Eamon Farren
Don Ben Paul Owens 

Director of Photography Judd Overton
Editor Stuart Morley
Composers Nick Wales, Bree Van Reyk
Co-producers Josh Butt, Rachael Turk
First Assistant Director Diana Ward
Sound Designer Jason King
Hair & Make-up Nicola Burford
Focus Puller Keir Suggett
Clapper Loader Megan White
Gaffer Andrew Ward
Sound Recordist Martin Cox
Standby Props Paul ‘Pinky’ Grusovin
Art Assistant Alison See
Prop and Costume Designer Marni Franks
Construction Brett Barlett, WildSets Pty Ltd
Continuity Alison See
Production Runner James Brettell
Still Photography Alina Gozin’a
Digital Services EFILM Australia Telecine
Colourist Kieran Bleakley
DI Colourist Jamie Hediger
Title Design Takahiro Suzuki
DI Conform Matthew T. Griffin
Post Production Supervision Anthos Simon, Rebecca Dunn
Animation Isobel Knowles
Lighting (animation sequences) Gus Kemp
VFX Supervisor Chris Godfrey
VFX Jo Gregory, Filipe Marques
Script Editor Andy Cox
Sound Facilities Stage One Sound
Sound Manager Angus Robertson
Sound Mixer Glenn Butler
Music Recored and Mixed at Horus & Deloris, Sydney
Performed by Nick Wales, Bree Van Reyk
Bass performed by David Symes

Camera Panavision
Film Stock Fuji Film
Laboratory Deluxe Australia
Scanning & Recording Supervisor Simon Alberry 

Thanks to Marc van Agten, Doina Botton-James, Martin Cayzer, Finbarr Collins, Ben Cooper, Mike Cowap, Boris Gozin, Alaric McAusland, Frankie McLennan, Sarah Nguyen, Kiko Nunn Cooper, Erin Rice, Anthos Simon

Special thanks to Marilyn & Graham Turk

This film would not have been finished without the kind support of EFILM, StageOne Sound, Panavision, Fuji Film and all of the wonderful cast and crew who donated their time.

Developed with the assistance of Screen Australia.

© 2010 Darley Street Disco and Screen Australia

Director's Note

You assume she’s trying to get out. But really, she’s trying to get in. A mix of 16mm film, digital and 2D animation, Jailbirds is a figurative tale about hope, imagination and the human need for togetherness.Freedom is a complex concept. In an age of increasing privacy issues and sedition legislation, it is less about physical limitation and more about the right to think, live and love without barrier. Freedom of expression must be defended as the bedrock of human rights.