The Coin (2019)


During Chinese New Year holidays, finding the coin inside the dumplings means having a blessed year ahead. A young woman loses a jar on her journey to a new country, which contains the lucky coins she has been collecting growing up. Her new life begins with a search to find the coin.


  • SXSW Film Festival, Austin USA world premiere

  • International Festival Of Documentary And Short Film Of Bilbao, Spain

  • Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA

  • Bucheon International Animation Film Festival, Korea

  • World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb, Croatia

  • Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, USA

  • International Animation Festival CHILEMONOS, Chile

  • Hollyshorts Film Festival, USA

  • Animario, Spain

  • Festival Stop Motion Montreal, Canada

  • Shanghai International Film Festival, China

  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Japan

  • Florida Film Festival, USA

  • St. Louis International Film Festival, USA

  • Korea Independent Animation Film Festival, Korea

  • FIRST International Film Festival, China

  • Cleveland International Film Festival, USA

  • Tricky Women/Tricky Realities, Austria

  • Olympia International Film Festival, Greece

  • Milwaukee Film Festival, USA

  • Atlanta Film Festival, USA

  • Denver Film Festival, USA

  • Heartland Film Festival, USA

  • New Hampshire Film Festival, USA

  • San Diego Asian Film Festival, USA

  • KROK International Animated Films Festival, Russia

  • Feinaki Beijing Animation Week, China

  • Philadelphia Film Festival, USA

  • Cucalorus Film Festival, USA

  • FlickerFest, Australia

  • Brooklyn Film Festival, USA

  • Indie Street Film Festival, USA

  • Athens International Film + Video Festival, USA

  • Mecal Pro | 22º Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Animación de Barcelona, Spain
    and more


written, designed & directed by Siqi Song
produced by Diana Ward & Ashim Ahuja
cinematographer Bongani Mlambo
music by Alexis Grapsas
voice by Anna Pan
costume design by Qing Wang
animation by Bob Blevins, Ian Boone, Molly McCandless, Rich Zim
executive producers Valerie Castillo Martinez & Francisco Velasquez
executive producer Kimberly Han



Director's Note

THE COIN is a film about tradition, family, immigration, and most importantly, about finding ourselves. The story starts with a New Year tradition from Northern China, where I was born and raised. On New Year’s Eve, families would gather in the kitchen and make dumplings together. In a few of the dumplings, we would hide coins in. At the family dinner, whoever eats the dumplings with the coin in will have a blessed year ahead. The coin in here is simply a leap of faith, a little bit of optimism packaged inside a dumpling. But as I grew up and immigrated to different cities and countries, I find I have to constantly change myself to fit in the new environment. For anyone who has experience of moving from one place to another, would have experienced some sort of identity crisis, the feeling of lost and misplaced. But at the end of the day, I find out our past is an essential part of who we are and that’s what makes us special. Finding faith within ourselves is more important than looking for validation from others.