Raise The Bar from Darley Street Disco on Vimeo.

Raise the Bar is a one-hour drama set inside the dance industry. Despite their failure to connect with each other, the Jazz-trained Beau and Hip Hop choreographer Cisco have both been given their big break: the opportunity to co-choreograph an edgy, new sci-fi-flavored dance theatre show Gameplay. Now all they’ve got to do is keep their young, ambitious performers in check, and pull it off. When it comes to dancing, the real action happens offstage…

Shoot Gauge: HD
Duration: 2:52
Genre: TV

JD Carteret
William Centurion
John Atkinson
Ariella Neuman
Leighton Sharpe
Rebecca Eggleston
Shar Mitchell
Michael Petr
Tyson Koh
Anthony Assante
Tracy Alexander
Jeanette Wajs
Samantha Glew

Writer/Director: Georgia Clark
Producer: Diana Ward
DOP: Oliver Lawrance
Editor: Alexis Tarren
Production Manager: Jo Gregory
Unit Manger: Chris Buckingham
1st AD: Andy Howard
2nd AD: Jordan Taranto
3rd AD: Matt McAloon
Script Supervisor: Kar Yee Chiu
Production Designer: Sam Wilde
Art Director: Millie Clarke
Costumer: Lenya Jones
Focus Puller: Daniel Christie
Camera Assistants: Ben Dray, Zane Kamat
Gaffers: Josh Royce, Matt Roberts
Key Grip: Tony Bosch
Sound Mixers: Eren "Pinkie" Sener, Auryn "Chops" Lacy
Playback: Bryan Hansford
Makeup: Jane Holder
Hair: Annalisa Sgambati
Caterer: Jessie Rose
PA: Ramez Kafrouni
Sound Designer: Sasha Zastavnikovic
Additional Editor: Toby Trappel
Assistant Editor: Adrian Masiello
Graphic Design: Linda KDM
Music by Israel